Antonio Trillanes IV Finally Takes Battle To The Supreme Court

This is really funny with how the series of events have been going on. Months after interview of deposed de-facto chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno on BBC — now we Antonio Trillanes IV taking his battle to the Supreme Court. Who knew that Justice Secretary Gueverra himself prepared the perfect bait for a troll — by daring said troll to prove his amnesty concerning the Oakwood Mutiny which happened 15 years ago. In fact, some say said pardon given last 2011 was already null and void for not meeting the minimum requirements plus should an attempted coup be pardoned?

This is where things get interesting. He was trying to use the Senate Building as his hiding place, seeking sympathy and playing the victim. Now he’s ready to take the battle to the Supreme Court where he should be taking it. After all, wasn’t the pardon something that also involved the judicial process aside from the executive? I guess he’s finally bit the bait set by Justice Secretary Guevarra for him and he bit it.

This is what I want to happen as Trillanes takes the battle to the Supreme Court. It would be interesting to get a new legal counsel for said case. For one, I’d actually recommend CHR Chairman Chito Gascon to act as Trillanes’ lawyer — after all wasn’t he making noise that he wants to defend Trillanes’ “human rights” never mind that the latter is GUILTY of human rights violations himself? Another possible lawyer that could act in said legal counsel can also include former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay and for CHR Chairwoman Etta Rosales. For more fun, we could also include Leni Loud Robredo’s legal counsel Atty. Romulo Macalinlang to help in this legal panel. I’d love to see this defense team try and defend him. 
This is already a huge case for Trillanes. This may already be the people vs. Trillanes. Also, his number of supporters may not be as huge as he claims. The question is can he survive as he now takes the battle to the Supreme Court? 

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