Agnes Callamard’s “Expertise” And Dilawan’s Reliance On Her Is Nothing More Than Stupidity

Pictures courtesy of Get Real Pundit
Well isn’t it amazing how libtards award fellow libtards people — so don’t be surprised that Maria Ressa gets her awards left and right from the same libtard organizations. Now this latest screenshot of a tweet between Maria Ressa and Agnes Callamard who how show how callously STUPID these two are.
Do you ever remember when she endorsed the statement by Dr. Carl Hart that says that there’s supposedly no evidence shabu leads to violence. Is she and Hart blind?! Worse, it’s stupid how Yellowtards want to indict President Duterte of alleged drug links while endorsing Callamard is just self-contradictory! The links between Callamard and George Soros might as well be a potential clue that may verify the alleged links between Ressa and Soros. Now, she is even awarding Ezra Acayan of Rappler for such photographs which she calls as state-sponsored, state-induced, state-condoned and state-ignored killings. She was given the chance to investigate said findings — instead she chose to be partisan and collaborated with Chito Gascon. Gascon who should be defending human rights has been choosing to defend human right violators — for a right price!

The whole problem with Callamard probably lies in the fact she thinks that she’s an “expert of the Philippines“. So why Callamard and Ressa are in good terms is because they do think alike. Ressa losing her relevance in the Philippines means that she has to import sympathy from clueless Western media. Also, wasn’t she not even a natural-born Filipino to begin with? She was raised in America so that probably gave her an air of superiority like some Americans who think that they are experts of the Philippines. Both love to jump into conclusions without investigating — presumably airing from their so-called “superiority” and “feeling expert”. 

Situations like this have the Dilawans brag, “The whole world believes us! Take that Dutertards!” yet is Callamard the whole world? “If the whole world believes them why do they want to maintain economic protectionism?” is another good question to ask. The real answer lies with this fact — they are just using nationalism as a cover. The reality is about finding allies for their selfish cause even if it means importing. They don’t want foreigners to invest because it’d mean the oligarchy will have to compete but they want foreigners to intervene for a fee to secure their power. The same thing is happening right now with Callamard working with the Libertard Party of the Philippines!

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