ABiaS-CBN Still Wants To Present Senator Antonio Trillanes IV As The “New Ninoy”

It’s really something how ABiaS-CBN has showed how it’s really a network of half-truths. While it does present the truth but only when the truth is convenient to it. Right now, here’s the latest update from ABiaS-CBN news where they are trying to make Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV as the “New Ninoy” while they want to make people believe that President Rodrigo R. Duterte is the “New Marcos”. 
The picture where there’s rails outside the Gate-1 of the Senate can make anyone laugh for this reason. How could ABiaS-CBN even dare say that there’s supporters of said senator outside Gate-1 when there’s more rails than people? There’s not one person in sight! This is laughable in an effort to make him the “New Ninoy”. Ninoy can be said to have been fighting a REAL dictatorship while Senator Trillanes is only fighting against an IMAGINARY dictatorship. Still, the Plaza Miranda Bombing was not justifiable and neither is the Oakwood Mutiny. Both fiascos are a threat to the public welfare. 
Right now, I guess the people at ABiaS-CBN are seeing invisible people as they try to fool the masses. Yup, there’s only steel rails there. I wonder is ABiaS-CBN having their own set of imaginary friends when they made said report? 

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