A Utopian Philippines Under A Protectionist And/Or Isolationist Policy Is Just A Delusion

Here’s a really funny meme of Jose Maria Sison a well-known Communist activist and founder of the New People’s Army. Here’s a Photoshop of him in a hospital using a rugby attacked to his breathing apparatus. It reminded me of how I actually went against the use of rugby for many reasons — it can cause respiratory problems and it’s a cheap substitute for shabu in the quest to escape reality. So how are these Filipino Communists’ vision of utopia really just a fantasy?
Let’s think about what can increase the cost of goods aside from supply and demand. Operational expenses are related to the increase of goods and services which includes utility expenses, transportation expenses (and prices of gasoline are mostly a world market problem) and SALARY expenses. Higher payment for employees also means it’s time to increase the overhead costs of said good or service so said company can continue paying said salary rate. If they decide to sell their goods at a lower price while paying employees at a higher price — then consider that they will have to lay off several employees in the process and they may not be able to continue operating in the long run. 

It’s really irritating to look at how the people at Migrante or should I call it MIGRAINE International want to junk labor export policy all the while rejecting the solution to increase employment. Let’s face it how many Filipino businessmen are there compared to Filipinos who need jobs? The supply and demand gap is pretty huge. So what do you do when there’s a scarcity of supply? The answer is you import. Foreign Direct Investors are an act of importing employment for one’s country. They also need to answer on how can the government create jobs on its own if they don’t import sources of employment? Make magic to give them jobs or let it rain gold coins? 
Believing that the 4Ps program generates jobs and would return to the country with a 3x return and 5.88 multiplier effect 
The 4Ps program is being said by its proponents to “bootstrap the poor” and that it means nobody gets left behind. Here’s what — if you’re lazy then you should expect yourself to be left behind. A senile old fool’s claim is that for every PHP 3,000.00 spent on per family is that it will return 3x and that it’s not charity (or better yet called mendicancy) but an investment. He even claims that the poor will definitely buy it on rice and kangkong or said that 2,500 is set aside for local goods and 500 for whatever but how sure is he? Did he put microchips in every cash handed out to make sure of that? If people keep getting allowances then why will they work? It would discourage job generation. He says the sources are from taxes and loans (and he also said it’s “self-funding”) then isn’t that spending only an outflow without a real guaranteed inflow or Return On Investment? It’s just like the double your money in X years package that was discouraged by banks now because it’s just impossible and too risky for banks. 

The dream of a national industrialization by protectionism rather than by opening to FDIs

Somehow, I just can’t get over the stupidity of this so-called “Heneral Luna“. The very idea that the first world countries didn’t industrialize through FDis but rather through protectionism (and a certain Mr. Bastos even said that Switzerland is protectionist when it isn’t — out of desperation to protect his beloved Yellowtard Constitution) can be defeated through common sense. Ever saw some islands that are still underdeveloped? They are obviously proof that the National Self-Industrialization is just a fantasy. Those natives did protect whatever businesses they had and rejected foreign investments — so why are they still well, underdeveloped? Also, if they insist that first world countries are protectionist then they better explain why those countries have lots of foreign investors in them? For starters they better prove to the world that Mao Zedong advocated free trade while Deng Xiaoping advocated protectionism or that North Korea is free trade while South Korea is protectionist to prove themselves right. 
The idea of abolishing performance-based equity in exchange for an equality-based society
If you’ve heard of that Singaporean brat who’s currently hiding in the United States named Amos Yee. The guy is an advocate of anarchic communism — a system that believes that wage labor should be abolished, that there should be no real authority and that people should get money regardless whether they work or not. The idea of “equality” is stupid for this reason — every person has different needs. This will result to too little people working and taking care of the weak and elderly because laziness is rewarded and diligence is punished. The strong should help the poor and the elderly and weak are the only ones who should ride the cart (while the strong pull it) because they can no longer pull said cart. Unfortunately, the very idea of equality-based societies is where you get paid whether you work or not. If you get paid anyway even without work then you might as well not work at all. 

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