Sunday, June 3, 2018

Maja Salvador Trending Matapos Sumayaw ng Bboom Bboom!

It seems everyone has been really hooked with the "Boom Boom" dance challenge and it's not only us who got crazy trying to learn the steps of Momoland's "Boom Boom" dance but celebrities as well. The most recent celebrity who joined the the hit dance craze is none other than Kapamilya's queen of the dance floor Maja Salavdor.

Momoland's "Boom Boom" dance is totally invading the social media and even celebrities can't get enough of it including Maja Salvador. This short video clip of Maja grooving to the hit K-Pop song continues to gain hits on youtube not by how graceful she moves but by how 'young' she looks when she gave her own taste to the Momoland's latest song.

It's obvious that Maja is born with a baby face and a petit physique that is why she's mistaken younger than her age. What more if she wears a school uniform? Yes, if you watched the following video, the girl grooving the "Boom Boom" dance is Maja Salavador in a high school uniform. You would probably can't identify this lady in the video as Maja, if we did not reveal it right away.

It's given that Maja gave justice to "Boom Boom" dance challenge because she's a dancer apart from being an actress. Although that she's just playing around, Maja was able to give grace in every step she grooved. As of this writing, this video of 'young' Maja Salvador has gained more than 17K views and of course praises from netizens who also found Maja very youthful in the said video. Do you also agree with us that Maja looks a cute student in this video?

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