Friday, April 27, 2018

Zarate: Why deport Sister Pat, but not foreign businesses lobbying to change Constitution?

Bayan Muna party-list Representative Carlos Zarate said that the Bureau of Immigration seems to be applying a double standard in deciding who to deport.

Zarate says that missionaries who help the marginalized Filipinos like Australian nun Patricia Fox are being deported. Meanwhile, foreigners and businesses who openly campaign to revise the constitution are allowed to stay in the country.

"The open lobbying by members of foreign chambers of commerce to change our constitution are in fact political activities that are very detrimental to our country and people, yet, why is the government, the immigration bureau, not doing anything to kick them out?" he said.

Fox is being ordered to return to her country and her missionary visa is being cancelled, even though she still should have been allowed to stay in the country until September 2018.

Zarate adds as proof for his double standard accusation the Chinese militarization of the West Philippine Sea.

"While the Chinese military is acting as if it owns the West Philippine Sea, the Duterte government is doing nothing to stop its aggressive action, yet, it is very quick to deport someone like Sister Pat who is standing against exploitation and oppression in the country. This is really tragic," he said.

Zarate says that the Duterte administration should reassess their actions and go after those who “undermine our national patrimony, our independence and national sovereignty.”

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