Friday, February 2, 2018

"Pakiki-apid ng Misis ko" - A Heartbreaking Story of a Guy who Caught his Wife Having S*x With Another Man!

Physical cheating is the most clear-cut form of infidelity. Most couples would consider one partner engaging in sex or sexual contact with someone else cheating. But there are grey areas. Is kissing defined as cheating? Would you be comfortable with your significant other sharing a bed with someone of the opposite sex, even if ‘nothing’ happened?

Does it make a difference if it was a long-term affair or one-off mistake? You may already know where you stand on these issues – or they may be things you wouldn’t consider until they happened. The most important thing is that you and your partner share the same definition. As the most easily defined form of cheating, it’s one of the more straightforward conversations to have with your partner and expectations should be put in place as soon as you make things exclusive.Recently, a guy name Erol confessed about his tremendous experience d he had with his ex-wife, where he caught his wife having an affair with another guy in their own bed. Read his full story below:

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