Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tanya Garcia Slams Bam Aquino For Mocking Her Father-In-Law Lito Lapid: "Keep Your Mouth Shut!"

Tanya Garcia, is a former actress who is now the wife of Mark Lapid. Mark is the son of former actor and senator Lito Lapid, both Lapids are now acting in the primetime show "Ang Probinsyano"

Garcia, normally stays quiet when it comes to politics and other issues, but this time, she wasn't able to contain herself. She burst when she read Senator Bam Aquino's comment about the senior Lapid's inclusion in the Magic 12 of the possible senators in 2019 survey conducted by the SWS.

Bam Aquino seemed to think that Lapid only made it to the list because he was an actor and the people are seeing him everyday in his show.
“Nirerespeto naman natin ang resulta ng kahit anong survey. Kaya lang, sa tingin ko may mga ilang pumasok sa Magic 12 kahit di naman dapat. Napansin ko kasi, parang bumabalik tayo sa dati na pag laging nakikita ng publiko, akala nila pwede na,”
 This comment didn't rub well on Garcia, so she took it to Facebook to call out Aquino.
“Hmmmm …why Bam Aquino???? So you think ikaw lang deserving maging senator??? At yung ibang humahabol, hindi? O e di ikaw na! Ikaw na! Bam Aquino for Senator this 2019! I sincerely hope you win ng madami ka pang magawa!
She also added that even when the senior Lapid was still a senator, Aquino and his cronies were already after him.
“At nakakatawa kayo, ke LP man or hindi, nung senador si Lito Lapid ang daming niyong sinasabi, ngayon na nag-aartista na nga lang ay may sinasabi pa rin kayo! Ano ba talaga gusto nyo gawin nung tao???
She then went on to remind Aquino that if he really respects the results of the survey, as he had said in the opening line of his comment, then there should have never been a catch. He should have kept his mouth shut.
“P.S. if you claim you respect the results of the survey, dapat wala ng ‘kaya lang….’ if you really claim you respect it, you’d keep your mouth shut."
Lastly, she dropped the fact that Lito Lapid has not even decided on running on 2019.
“Oh and btw Lito Lapid hasn’t even said he’d run this 2019.”

Source: Abante 


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