Tuesday, January 9, 2018

ASec. Mocha Slams Bam Aquino For Riding On With PRRD's Achievements Allegedly Grabbing Credit

Social Media Affairs Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, recently slammed Senator Bam Aquino for allegedly grabbing the credit for the achievements of President Duterte yet again.

In a statement issued by the popular social media personality on her official Facebook account, which has a huge reach of more than 5 million followers, the senator’s fondness for riding on other people’s achievements, and credit grabbing activities needs to be stopped and should not be tolerated.

Senator Bam Aquino’s latest interviews and appearances in the mainstream media discussing the need for faster internet in the country and the plan of inviting new Telco players to compete against the existing Telco companies Globe and PLDT, drew the ire of the Asec , owing to the fact that this is not the first time that the senator tried to grab the credit for something he is not responsible for.

Ms. Uson said that in the past months, the senator also tried to act like he was the one responsible for the free tuition law for the SUC.

Mocha Uson also reiterated that the senator’s sincerity on the issue is in doubt, owing to the fact that despite his connections with the former Pres. Aquino, who happens to be his cousin, and his experience as a lawmaker, never, for once, did he touched the issue of faster internet and the need for more Telco players.

Yet in his most recent interview with CNN Philippines, the honorable senator stated the country’s need for more players in the TELCO industry to somehow decrease the prices of the internet service in the country.

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Source: Facebook


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