Friday, January 5, 2018

74-Year-Old na Lola Nakikipag Sapalaran sa pag-Sisid ng Barya sa Pier para Makakain!

It's a major milestone in anyone's life: retirement. You spend so many hours dreaming about just what you'll do with the time, that when it happens, you often aren't prepared for the reality of it. Retirement isn't always the answer to the unfulfilled life that many expect it to be, however, and some even struggle with the new way of life.

Working hard despite of old age is possible to this 74-year-old, Lola Maria. She dives in the depths of the sea to collect the coins being thrown by passengers in the Dalahican Ferry Terminal at Lucena, Quezon.

Lola Maria values every single centavo she collected. She knows how to hard to earn living, especially that she has to take care of her grandchildren while her children are also working in others provinces.

Lola Maria starts off with paddling her small boat on the way to the port in the break of dawn. She earns about one hundred to two hundred pesos depending on the number of the people who throw coins to the sea each day. She divides it to fit the primary needs of her grandchild, especially in their education whatever amount she earns.
Despite of the holes and often get broken small boat, most especially her eyesight is slowly blurring due to her age. Lola Maria didn’t give up and continue collecting coins for a living.

Lola Maria’s touching story was featured in GMA’s documentary program Front Row entitled “Mga Barya ni Lola Maria”. Her story touched the heart of many viewers and they started to send help to her in anyway.

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