Friday, December 8, 2017

World Renowned Architect Palafox Agrees With PRRD That Manila Will Be A Dead City In 25 Years

In a speech conducted at the first Kapampangan Food Festival, President Rodrigo Duterte said that Metro Manila will be a dead city in 25 years.
"Manila I think will be in about 25 years, will be a dead city. It will start to decay and there is no way that we can rehab the place,"

Recently, world renowned architect, Jun Palafox said in an interview on Super Radyo dzBB that he agrees with what the Philippine president said. He also said that the actual deterioration has already begun.
"It's happening now. In 1976 I worked with the World Bank... for Metro Manila. What we said then, Metro Plan Manila, it was one of the best metro plans in the world. Kaya ako nakilala overseas,"
He said that they already predicted that if the government does nothing, then the Philippines will have catastrophic traffic and planning.
"We said that time, with the do-nothing scenario, we will have catastrophic traffic, catastrophic planning, lack of decent housing. And what do we have now?"
He also mentioned that by 1992, Manila already should have built 8 train lines. But with the way the government was run, only 4km of road was built in the past six years.

Palafox also expressed his dismay about the cutting of trees in the McArthur Highway. He maintained that these thousands of years old trees are vital in helping with the pollution and giving fresh air.

He said the government disregarded his suggestions, called him hungry for publicity, but when disaster striked, they plagiarized his original suggestion.
"Sa bayan natin, magpropose ako, iniinsulto pa ko na alarmist daw ako, hungry for publicity. Then kapag disaster na, they plagiarize my recommendation,"
He added that corruption is the one pulling our country down.
"Pag walang korupsyon, we are number 16th economy in the world. Kung walang korupsyon,"
Despite these, though, Palafox remained optimistic, that with way this current government is being run, then we are of to a good start.
"Nanalo kami ng competition, Metro Davao, zero corruption. Nanalo rin kami ng masterplan ng Clark, zero corruption. So pwede pala magkaroon ng government project, zero corruption,"
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Source: GMA News


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