Monday, December 18, 2017

WATCH: Old Man In The Road Rage Viral Video To File Cases Against The Woman Who Slapped Him

A video became viral on social media showing a 52-year old taxi driver who met a road rage with a young woman in Quezon City yesterday.

The woman was caught in firing anger as she went down from her car to attack the old man who was just inside his cab.

Virgilio Doctor took to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory board (LTFRB) his complaint against the said woman who physically assaulted him, who then revealed that he previously suffered from stroke, ten times and survived.

After the incident, his blood pressure was reported to have gone up which is why he decided to open the door and get out.

In the video, the woman, who was seen to have driven a private car with plate number ZPD-995, went out of her way to intentionally hurt Doctor.

The driver has already apologized to the couple but according to him, the woman tried to destroy his side mirror after doing so.

The woman then tried to reach him through the slightly opened window and then slapped him multiple times. In an interview, Doctor said,
“Bali sana kung yung sasakyan ko lang ang sinira, okay lang at aalis nalang ako, pero yung pati ako ay sasaktan, hindi ko mapapalampas yan.”
A man was also seen in the video who is said to be the woman’s husband. It was observed that he did not do anything to stop the suspect.

A concerned netizen who witnessed it all claims that the suspect’s LTO registration has already expired.

After the video has been seen by millions of people, Doctor thanks the kind souls who reached out to him to offer help.


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