Saturday, December 2, 2017

WATCH: Hollywood Action Star Steven Seagal Delivers An Inspiring Message To The Filipino Soldiers

During times when the improvements that are being done to the country by our president is being undermined by the opposition.

The times when everything that he does is turned into something negative by our very own fellowmen, it is really a welcome sight when there are people from foreign countries who appreciate what the president is doing and what the Philippines is going through.

Hollywood actor Steven Seagal is currently in the country to shoot his series, prior to starting his shoot, he already announced his admiration to our President Rodrigo Duterte right after he got here.

Knowing that Seagal understands what we are going through, he was invited to one of the talk of PRRD called "Talk To Troops" which is meant to encourage and give thanks to our soldiers who are risking their lives for our country.

At one point of the talk, the president himself invited Seagal to give a speech on stage. To which Seagal gave a very encouraging speech.

He started his speech by thanking the president and commending all the troops that are present.
"I would like to commend you all for your commitment to your country, your president and your commitment to do the things that you have to do to make the Philippines safe."

He acknowledged the problems that the Philippines is going through, like kidnapping, trafficking and terrorism.
"“We have a problem. We have kidnapping, narco-trafficking, human trafficking, organ trafficking and terrorism...I know that you guys put your life on the line everyday."
He then proceeded in saying that he has a strategy and he is looking forward to discussing it with the president.
"I understand that this is serious business and I believe there is a formula that can help the Armed Forces, the police, the intelligence network, to combat this very well...I believe that all of this is winnable."
He knows that we are at war. He reminded the Filipinos that we won't win this battle today, not tomorrow, this is gonna be a long fight.
“I think the main thing we all have to keep in our heart is we don’t win this battle today. We don’t win this battle tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long fight, but the idea is to annihilate the enemy through attrition."
“It’s gonna be a long battle, but slowly, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, the enemy will get smaller and finally they will be gone to the point where it is absolutely and positively controllable.”
Watch the video of his speech here:

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