Sunday, December 3, 2017

WATCH: A Group Of LGBT Discriminated And Harassed By Brgy. Officials For Trying To Help A Wounded Male

In our modern society, it is hard to believe that some people still can't accept members of the LGBT community. To these people, the LGBT are somewhat lower than them.

It is heartbreaking when the discrimination comes directly from public servants themselves. This ia what happened in Taytay, Rizal, that a member of the LGBT, Ricky "Chicklet" Custodio Villaflor posted.

According to the post, they just came from a drinking session when they decided to stop by a "lugawan", that was around 4:30 am. They saw a teenage guy accompanied by two girls who were crying, the guy was bloodied so they asked what happened.

It turned out that the guy was mugged. When they asked why they aren't going to the hospital, the answer they got was that there were barangay officials that were watching them and they had to wait for the barangay to respond to what happened.
after namin mag shot dumiretso kami sa kainan ng lugaw s kapalaran Taytay around 4:30 am at napansin namin ang batang lalake at may ksamang dlwang babae na umiiyak ng nilapitan namin eh un lalaki ay duguan binugbog daw di umano ng di kilalang tao. Tapos nun tnanong namin anong nangyari dyan sabi namin dalin agad s emergency dahil namamaga ang ilong at ang daming dugo ng batang lalaki at ang nsabing bata eh may mga nkabantay n brgy tanod at ang chairman daw... ang sabi namin punta ka n ng emergency dahil wala daw pera ang bata bngyan namin ng 50 pesos para dalin s emergency ngunit ang sabi ng chairman tumawag n cla ng brgy. at ito nga eh ang mga tga brgy.San juan so makatuwid inintay namin ang brgy. ng Brgy. San Juan
When the barangay officials came, Villaflor asked them where they will bring the teen because he needed immediate help. The answer they got was infuriating.
sumagot ang isang brgy tanod n my baril pa sa likod ano bang alam mong bakla ka nkakaloka diba pag bakla walang alam s batas ayos
Even after being discriminated, they weren't convinced that the barangay officials will bring the guy to the hospital so they followed the barangay unit.

When they reached the barangay, they were right, the guy was sitting on the stairs, they didn't bring him to the hospital.

That is when the officials ganged up on them, thankfully it was captured on video. Kudos to these LGBT peeps who upheld to that discrimination just for the sake of helping the guy.

It looks like if they didn't do that then there wouldn't be a sense of urgency on the part of the barangay. What slackers. I hope they get reprimanded for the discrimination and negligence they did.

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