Monday, December 25, 2017

VIRAL: Trillanes Tinira ng Komento ang pag-Resign ni Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte! Alamin dito ang detalye!

Senator Antonio Trillanes reacted to the resignation of the Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte after controversies maligning his reputation.

According to his resignation letter, among other reasons, which prompted him to quit from his position include the maligning of his reputation in “recent name dropping incident in the Bureau of Customs smuggling case and the very public squabble with his daughter.”He even pointed out in the letter, “My parents never failed to remind me of the value of time-honored principle of delicadeza, and this is one of those instances of my life that I need to protect my honor and that of my children.” Duterte emphasized that it is time for him honor the principle of delicadeza which he learned from their parents.

He further wrote, “I look forward to the day that I will be able to serve our country again.” Thus, the resignation of the politician in his position has fueled the Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes to react unto it. Trillanes said, 

“Delicadeza, seriously? Pinatulan nga niya anak niya publicly sa Facebook, tapos delicadeza? Besides, he has already been cleared months ago by Gordon’s committee de abswelto. So that’s pure BS.”

He is referring to the recent word war Paolo Duterte and his daughter Isabelle had which erupted online. “He is probably just preempting the numerous investigations against him by the Ombudsman. Also, he most likely needs more time to focus on his multi-billion peso businesses.” 

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Source: ABS-CBN


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