Saturday, December 2, 2017

VIRAL: "Pastillas Girl" Angelica Yap Ipinakita Ang Kaseksihan Sa Cover Ng FHM! Silipin Niyo!

Remember the heartbroken girl in It’s Showtime known as Pastillas Girl? She has now graced the covers of a popular men’s magazine in the Philippines, FHM!

Angelica Jane Yap or more popularly known as Pastillas girl has made a shocking comeback in the industry after she graced the cover page of FHM Philippines. She once captured the attention of the Filipinos when she made her unique ‘pastillas’ making tutorial filled with ‘hugot’ lines.However, after all the ups and downs of her life, Angelica Yap is now back on top! Pastillas Girl left everyone wanting more after she flashed some serious skin in nothing but her undergarments!

The official Instagram account of FHM Philippines has just posted a couple of photos taken from the cover shoot.One photo was posted with the words, “Debbie Garcia and Angel Yap are locked in an intimate embrace this December. #FHMAngel #FHMDebbie”

The cover story of the men’s magazine then claims that the ladies on their cover page are destined for stardom. “Remember their names — these ladies are destined for stardom.

”Pastillas Girl who now goes by the screen name Angel Yap rose to fame after her Facebook video of a pastillas making tutorial filled with hugot lines, took the internet by a storm. Her viral video then earned her own segment on It’s Showtime where they helped her in finding the right guy for her. Recently, Pastillas girl has just confirmed that she’s back with the man who once broke her heart and that she’s already engaged to him.

In an interview with FHM, Pastillas girl said, “”There’s no guarantee,” she explained. “Plus, it’s up to you to sustain your momentum and that’s the hardest part.”

Meanwhile, the netizens have noticed that after quite some time, her body has already matured and that Pastillas Girl is now far from the heartbroken woman on television who rants about the pain that her boyfriend made her feel. This just proves that pain truly makes people change.


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