Thursday, December 28, 2017

VIRAL: Kabet kinalbo ng totoong Misis, ng aktong Mahuli Ito kasama ang kanyang Mister!

After the marriage, men and the women are loving couples for a period of time. Because of our animal mechanism, both, women and men are starting to get bored during years. We don’t just make sex like animals because of the morality that a man disposes of, towards them.

The fealty is only a concept based on this. Earlier or later either partners want and try, successfully or not, to make a change: a man looks for a woman to experience and to satisfy his sex hunger and a woman looks for a man to make her feel young, precious and to be treated like a queen.

Being a mistress offers a lot of convenes: the woman gets dined and treated like a lady, she gets as much sex as time permits, she may even get some money for shopping not having to wash anyone else’s socks and she doesn’t have to put up with sport on the TV or have to deal with the man coming back drunk.

Having an affair with a married man isn’t morally nice- nobody likes being cheated on. The mistress is enabling a man to cheat on his wife. This is one of the reasons for making sure that the affair remains essentially meaningless. An affair should be fun, entertaining and satisfying. Neither of man or mistress should fall in love.

Rules must be set and respected: if he even thinks about thinking of leaving his wife, the affair should be ended at once. A mistress does not look for commitment in a relationship. 
There are other men too, and beside the damage it will cause to his wife and his children, a man who can skillfully lie to his partner is no kind of partner to choose. Women who are looking for a partner should not seek out married men. However if this thing happens it should not come into notice to anyone else.

Recently, one video goes viral online where the real wife caught the mistress together with his husband. The mistress suffered a lot of physical abused from the real wife of the guy she's been dating. Watch the full video footage below:

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