Friday, December 1, 2017

Remember "Badjao Girl" Rita Gaviola? Here She Is Now!

It seems not so long ago that Rita Gaviola – a.ka. “Badjao Girl” graced the media with her captivating beauty and effortless charm. Now, she is once again stealing the spotlight with her recent pictures that show she is definitely turning out to be one of the most beautiful girls of her generation.

YouTube channel “SIKAT TRENDZ” uploaded a video report where they indicated that Rita Gaviola has successfully finished her elementary studies this March.Now, she is on her way to high school, where netizens have already noticed that the teenager has started to bloom as a very promising young lady. As of this writing, the video has gained 27,463 views, 97 likes, and nine comments from netizens. Most of the reactions were “beautiful,” “ganda,” and “lalong gumaganda si baby girl.”

Based on the video’s report, Rita Gaviola allegedly won the title of the “Best National Costume” in their school’s United Nation Celebration. She wore a full Egyptian attire with a gold headdress. Her makeup was also tastefully done, which emphasized her blooming beauty as a teenager.

Apart from the stunning Egyptian costume, the source cited that Rita Gaviola has been capturing attention because of her simple, girl-next-door looks.If you look her up on Instagram – where she has the handle of @babyrita13 – she has several pictures that accentuate her beauty and her growing sense of style.

As of this writing, Rita has a total of 88,800 followers and 158 posts. Based on her pictures, it appears as if she likes to sport braids as her trademark hairstyle. She also has the ability to show off her fashionable attires in various, eye-catching poses.

Just this May 2017, Rita Gaviola celebrated her fourteenth birthday. According to ABS-CBN News, she felt extremely overwhelmed because it was the first time she had a birthday celebration. Based on her Instagram post:

“Hinding hindi ko po malilimutan ang kaarawan kong ito, dahil first time ko pong mag celebrate ng birthday at ganito pa! Maraming maraming salamat po sa nag-ayos at nag-asikaso para mangyari din ito.”

 Watch the video report about her below:

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