Wednesday, December 13, 2017

READ: Young Woman Passed the Teachers’ Board Exam After Waking Up From a Coma!

Board exams act as stepping stone for our glorious future, they are the true test of merit, and successful accomplishment of the exam takes a student to another level. Other people say that it’s a crucial stage of one's life but it depends as such.

Ellen Vida Santos from Sultan Kudarat was utmost praise and inspired by the netizens for passing the recent LET exams for teachers without undergoing a proper review course. Ellen was in a coma for 10 days and confined in the hospital for over a month ‘cause of a tragic accident and underwent an operation in her head that caused her to become comatose.

Despite unfortunate trial that happened to her, Ellen was determined to reach her dreams and become a licensed teacher. Ellen took up the LET exam after a month being discharged from the hospital. 
She did try her luck even if she was not able to attend the review course because of the accident. She surrendered her fate to the lord. Ellen was surprised and overwhelms to see her named amongst the examinees that pass the exams over 2 months after the exam.

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