Monday, December 11, 2017

READ: "Pina-reyp ko ex-GF ko", Ex-Girlfriend pinang-regalo sa Birthday!

Rape, also called sexual assault, is any kind of sexual activity committed against someone's will. Whether the rapist uses force or threats of force is irrelevant. Rape, as a legal term, is defined slightly differently in each state. Most state laws define rape in terms of penetration with the use of force and without the person's consent.

Penetration can be with the penis, fingers, or instruments like bottles or sticks. It can be perpetrated in the vagina, anus, or mouth. The National Violence Against Women Survey reports that almost 18 percent of women said they have been the victim of a completed or attempted rape at some point in their life, and most women were raped by someone they knew rather than a stranger. Rape can happen to women at any age, but girls and young women are particularly at risk.This the exact story of Miya and Blue, Blue is a guy who present his ex-Girlfriend to his friends as a Birthday Gift. His ex-Girlfriend was sexually assualted by his 6 friends during the birthday party. 

Read the full story below:

Please bear in mind that, any offender who rapes you has committed a crime The maximum penalty for this crime can be life imprisonment. In general terms an offender rapes you if – The offender has sexual intercourse with you without your consent; or The offender without your consent penetrates your vulva, vagina or anus to any extent with a foreign object or a part of the offender’s body that is not a penis (eg finger); or The offender without your consent penetrates your mouth to any extent with his penis. Sexual intercourse without consent is rape. Oral sex without consent is rape.

What can you say about this story? It broke's your heart right? Share your thoughts with us by, commenting below. Don't forget to share this story to your Friends and Family, the lesson on this story is all about self-awareness. If you have self-awareness you can avoid this kind of incident to happen again. Thanks for passing by.


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