Friday, December 8, 2017

READ: Dalawang Dalagita sa Cagayan, Dinukot at ilang araw Ginahasa ng Limang Lalaki

Two minors were abducted and raped repeatedly by five unidentified suspects in the city of Gattaran, Cagayan. According to Police Chief Inspector Rodel Tabulug, Chief of PNP Gattaran, the two young ladies are still scared and traumatizied by what happened, ages 14 and 15 respectively.

Reports say that the two victims were walking home in Brgy. Lapogan, when the suspects stopped their green van and offered them a ride home. The two young ladies accepted, however when they got to their destination the suspects did not stop the van. This incident was happened on November 28.After this the victims lost consciousness and could not remember what happened, and when they woke up they were inside an unidentified house in an unknown location.

Inside the house, the two were repeatedly raped by the suspects. A few days later, December 2, the suspects loaded them into the van and brought them back to their barangay. They were then threatened that if they go to the police, the suspects would come back to kill them.Because of fear, the 14 year-old has stopped her studies and moved to another town in Amulung.

However, authorities assured that their investigation will continue and they will do their best to serve justice to the victims.Sadly, there were no CCTVs in the area where the two were abducted. Another thing that the authorities are investigating is that the two victims said they also saw two other ladies inside the van and they do not know if these other two have been released.

Source: BomboRadyo


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