Thursday, December 14, 2017

PRRD To CPP-NPA: "Meron akong attack helicopters, kayo pagpraktisan ko"

As we all know, earlier this month, President Duterte declared the Communist Party of the Philippines and New People’s Army as terrorists after they resorted to killings and criminal acts when they did not get what they wanted.

And on Wednesday, during his speech at the Philippine Army headquarters in Taguig City during the ceremonial destruction of weapons seized during the Marawi siege, Duterte threatens to use NPA as target practice of AFP Attack choppers.

"Meron akong attack helicopters, kayo pagpraktisan ko,"

The president also said that only he had money, he would have orders 50 more of those attack helicopters.

He also added that because the NPA seemed to be the first one to promote the killings then why would the government arrest them if they can just kill them?
"Pag nandoon sa taas, 'pag nakita ninyo itan - may terorista ba, sabihin mo pa na arestuhin. Praktisan ninyo agad. Patayan pala gusto ninyo. "
Despite the fact that the other party may tint this statement of the president negative, netizens were quick to agree with the president.

Some netizens are praying that this may be the chance to eradicate all the NPA so that the country can flourish.

Some agree that because the NPA did not do their part during the peace talks, then it should be necessary to kill them on the spot.

How about you? What do you think?

Do you agree to kill them all?
Or do we still need to arrest them?

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