Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Prominent Lawyer: Aquino mastered the art of scapegoating

The recent controversy regarding the Dengvaxia vaccine-a project implemented by the Department of Health initiated under the presidency of Benigno Aquino III together with his appointee former DOH Secretary Janet Garin, triggered several established critics and socio-political commentators to express their two cents and introspection on the issue.

Atty. Bruce V. Rivera was one of those ardent critics that expressed skeptical remarks against the leaders directly involved to the controversy. One significant key point in Atty. Rivera's Facebook post was the common "scapegoating" tactic of Aquino and his league even if it means betraying their once close ally, Janet Garin. 

"SI GARIN LANG...LP stalwarts are coming out in unison telling the same thing: crucify Garin. And I am not surprised, their President is known to have mastered the art of scapegoating. The first five of his SONA was spent telling us its GMA who is the cause of it all, even his receding hairline. It was Napeñas who was the unlucky one in Mamasapano and it was God to blame for Yolanda. Now, its Garin!!" Atty. Rivera wrote wittily.

"Ito and I mean it in the most compassionate way....Punyeta lang ha!!!" The disappointed lawyer added cursing.

Establishing the close and intertwined connection between Garin and her appointer Benigno Aquino III, Atty. Rivera cited the 1987 Constitution as proof of justification and reference re the inseparability of the two in terms of liability.

"Are you out of your freaking minds? The 1987 Constitution (yes, one I want changed) gives the President overall supervision and control over the executive branch. Meaning, BS is the one who supervises Garin. 

The “alter-ego principle” as held in so many SC decisions provides that act of the Secretary (Garin), unless abrogated, are deemed to be acts of the President (yes, the asshole LP refuses to include). So tell me how can you insulate BS in all of these."

Disclosing certain details about the Dengvaxia vaccine project, Atty. Rivera discussed:

"If I remember correctly, the pilot areas of the DengVaxia inoculations where Central and Southern Luzon and Central Visayas done during the first quarter of 2016. Anything wrong? Of course, it reeks of LP election stunt. These are vote-rich areas and it was almost elections so you needed a project to both earn from and entice voters. Garin was even wearing the proverbial Yellow shirt when she injected her first victim with BS gleaming in the background along with the other LP doing the same. Now, Garin is the goat." 

Conclusively, Atty. Rivera asserted that the truth and justice will prevail. Acknowledging God's might and presence, the lawyer prophesized that Garin and all involved individuals will share their own part of liabilities. 

"We will get to the bottom of this. And by God, we will make Garin and all the other crocodiles  pay." Atty. Rivera ended.

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