Friday, December 15, 2017

“(Pokpok) Minsan pamalo madalas babae.” – Kwento ng Isang Babae na Hindi Inaasahang Maligaw ng Landas

Prostitution is as old as the world itself and while people wonder why women would choose to sell themselves for money, there are reasons they go into it. Some women have even glamorized the trade and some see it as a very lucrative, especially those that manage to travel out of the country to engage in prostitution.

But there are reasons why some ladies take to it and most of the reasons may not just be far from the realities in the country. The first excuse that is given for the proliferation of prostitution has to be poverty, especially if the lady comes from a poverty-stricken background. Young ladies whose parents are incapable of taking care of them and their siblings, tend to go into prostitution so as to make ends meet and take care of their families.

It is not every prostitute that is lazy or just willing to sell herself for money. Some of them go into it because there are no jobs for them to do to take care of their needs. Some parents do not care about what happens to their children, neither do they feel it is their duty to give them the right guidance as they are growing up. Such children usually end up getting advice from friends and most times, these advice turn out to be poor.

Children who are from broken homes, with no one to lead them on the right path, are often open to such temptations and they usually fall into the wrong hands.The overriding reason for women engaging in prostitution is the money they can make from the trade. In an economy that there are so many uncertainties due to the harsh climate, sex still sells and the ladies reckon that they will always make ends meet if they sell themselves.

What if it turns out that all of this problem goes into your life in an instant, what do you think you will do in order to survive? Let's read the heartbreaking story of Theresa who does everything in order to survive with her sister in this cruel world that we have.

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