Saturday, December 23, 2017

Pinag-Experimentuhan ang Lalaking ito Upang maka-Survive sa Car Crash! Alamin ang detalye dito!

We are suggested to slow down and keep normal speed when we are behind the wheels. If we lose our control and speed up, our life is more prone to accidents. But with that said, Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Australia has introduced a road safety campaign with a man who looks unusual.

You should believe that he is a human but his body was modified by a surgeon and a road safety engineer to survive car crashes. His body shape and look give a clear understanding of what our body part suffer the most in accidents.

He doesn’t have a neck, his face is fleshy and flat and there are so many nipples as a natural set of air bags to protect his ribs. If you don’t have a body like Graham, you must be careful and think about slowing down when you are driving.This is Graham- the only man who can survive a car crash. To remain safe in car accidents, you need to have a body like Graham otherwise think about slowing down when you are behind the wheels. Believe it or not, he is a human and his body has been modified to withstand car crashes.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Australia introduced Graham as a part of their road safety campaign. Behind his creation and modifications are a trauma surgeon and a road safety engineer. His nipples are a natural set of air bags that protect his ribs.

Graham has the same brain as yours but the bigger skull with more fluids support the brain when an accident happens. He has a flat face and a lot of fatty tissues to help absorb energy of an impact. Most of the people who meet with car crashes receive fractures and bone injuries.

The experts believe a flat face like Graham can protect your ears, nose and other facial bones.His body is designed with air bags-like ribs to withstand force during a collision. As you can see, Graham has a bigger skull almost like a helmet in order to absorb the energy of an impact.

The photo shows that his knees have movements in all directions so these are less likely to be injured. The brace-like structure of neck protects his head from injury when there is a sudden movement or accident.

Strong, hoof-like legs with added joints allow him to jump out of the way quickly in a spring-loaded fashion.He has a thicker and tougher skin that works like a shield to reduce abrasions of road crashes.

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