Tuesday, December 19, 2017

MEET: Filipino Superman Who Undergoes 26 Surgeries to Look A Like Comic Book Character

Meet Herbert Chavez, who calls himself Superman's biggest fan, has already undergone 26 painful plastic surgery procedures to transform his Asian face into a carbon copy of his idol. "Superman has always been my obsession since I saw one of his movies at the age of four,".

It takes him through 16 years of plastic surgery to look like comic book character. Herbert was from Calamba City who had nose jobs, skin whitening, lip liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants and abdominal implants to transform his self like Clarke Kent. He fall in love with the TV show when he was 4 year-old kid.

He spend around 300,000 Pesos on his obsession.  He said: "I feel like a Superhero whenever I pull on the costume, but my mission is not to save the world but to help in my own small way and bring a smile to the faces of local children. I don't have any regrets at all. People come up to me in the street all the time and want their picture taken with me. They are all really excited to see a real-life Superman in the Philippines."

But this has not been enough to satisfy Chavez. He now wants to have lenses implanted to change his eye colour permanently to blue, and a leg lengthening procedure, which is known to be one of the most painful plastic surgeries.Herbert, who earns a living with several costume shops, has already entered the Guinness Book of Records for owning the largest collection of Superman memorabilia in the world with 1253 certified items. Chavez says that in reality he has around 5000.

He is so convinced of his role as a superhero, that over the past year he believes he has been changing into a "real Superman". "There have been certain incidents in my life which have made me realise that I'm a real Superman. For example, I'm almost 40 years old and I still have no wrinkles. Isn't it too much of a coincidence?" he said. "That is because I am Superman. At the moment I can't fly but to be a superhero it's not necessary to have super powers."

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Source: PHtrending, DailyMail

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  1. OMG not another nut case. He'll soon lern that he's human like ethe rest of us when starts getting wrinkles.