Thursday, December 7, 2017

LOOK: Retired Soldier Who Was Abandoned By His Family Finds Help Through Social Media

We all have our own heroes in life, be it; our dog, teacher, father, mother or even strangers. Some heroes are well known and some are not. Take a look at this story about a retired soldier who was left alone, roaming in the street, forgotten by his family.

Some people joined military because it's their dream and some join to provide his family a better life. Whichever reason it is, soldiers don't just work for his family, but for the country as well.

They are the one who protect us from terrorists and in any dangers that threatens our country. They are the heroes of each of us. But sadly, not all of them are being recognized and what's worst, even their families don't treat them as one.

Narciso dela Cruz Alpas better known as "Tatay Isok" was a retired SSG. He was once part of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), forgotten by time and his family.

Tatay Isok was found by a netizen, Perfecto Manigbas. According to his post, Tatay Isok was left alone, uncared for, roams in the street of Sibalom, Antique and seldom sleeps in canals or street gutters. He was unable to walk because he was hit by a motorcycle.
“Pinabayaan siya ng pamilya niya na palaboylaboy na sa lansangan at minsan sa canal natutulog, at sa ngayon di na makatayo dahil na nabangga ng tricycle.”

He has not received a penny of his pension because he is not the one claiming it but his relative. Tatay Isok can't name his relative because of difficulty in thoughts.

“Ang monthly pension niya, hindi siya ang kumukubra sabi niya [Tatay Isok] kundi ang isang kamag-anak niya daw na hindi man niya masabi ang pangalan dahil kung kausapin paiba-iba na ang sinasabi dahil nawawala na sa sarili, tulungan po natin si Tatay “Isok” Narciso Alpas.”

The post had reached the PAF and on Thursday, December 4, 2017. Tatay Isok's horrible situation was no more.

He was taken care of by his comrades together with the Philippine Air Force and was turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region VI for legal custody.

And as of his pension, the PAF said that they already sent their personnel to take care of some pertinent documents.


We are deeply saddened about the condition of one of our retired personnel, Staff Sergeant Narciso "Tatay Isok" Dela Cruz Alpas PAF, who was seen roaming around uncared for and even sleeping on the streets of the Municipality of Sibalom, Antique.

The case of SSg Alpas (ret) is a serious matter that we in the Philippine Air Force cannot disregard.
Through our personnel stationed at the Tactical Operations Group 6 (Iloilo), we have gone out of our ways to make coordination with other government agencies and private institutions in order to rescue and provide all the necessary assistance to help SSg Alpas (ret) live a comfortable life he truly deserves.

We have taken Tatay Isok out of the streets and will be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development Region VI for legal custody. With regards to his pension, we have already sent our personnel to take care of some pertinent documents.

SSg Alpas had served years of dedicated service in the PAF; therefore, he should not be experiencing such unfortunate living condition.

We commend the efforts of various individuals and groups who have shown their concern and support for Tatay Isok by effectively utilizing social media as a tool to promote social good.

May other people be inspired to do the same and carry out such noble acts to help those who are in need.


Source: Facebook


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