Friday, December 1, 2017

LOOK: International Law Expert explains the SALN issues in CJ Sereno’s impeachment trial

Paula Defensor Knack, an International Law expert, sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, recently published an elucidatory Facebook post wary of Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno regarding her pending impeachment trial in the House of Representatives.

In her post, Atty. Knack commemorated the unfair treatment of the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment case especially about the alleged SALN issues.

“Sa lutong nakaw impeachment ni CJ Corona dahil sa malaking bribery sa mga senators, lumabas ang issue na may presumption sa ilalim ng batas na unexplained wealth is ill-gotten wealth. Ang SALN ni Corona ang naging subject ng haka-haka at ang bank account ng pamilya nito.” Atty. Knack started her post.

Explaining the defense of the late SC Chief Justice, Atty. Knack wrote elaborately:

“Ngunit ayon kay Corona, ang pera sa account galing sa income from the sale of prime property of the in-laws na nasa abroad at hindi pa na-collect. In short, he overturned the presumption under the law…Dumating ngayon ang pamilya ng asawa at na-claim isa isa ang kanilang shares sa pera na yon na naging "trust fund" lang para sa pamilya. Hence, it should not be considered ill-gotten wealth. Ngunit, dahil may bribery, ang mga loko-lokong senador bomoto to impeach him. Namatay sya dahil sa heart ailment nya na hindi man lang na-overturn ang judgement sa kanya.”

Maneuvering to the major speculation of her post, Atty. Knack claimed the lack of focus on Sereno’s unfiled and missing SALN’s. Implying that there should also be a focused probation on Sereno’s SALN similar to that of CJ Corona, Atty. Knack questioned logically that if Corona was impeached out of the unexplained wealth issue, Sereno too should prove her SALN declaration given that her lifestyle, as it has been bruited, does not coincides her declared assets, liabilities, and networth.

“Kay Sereno, NAWAWALA ang MGA SALN NYA sa UP ! Nag file ba ? Bakit ang daming nawawala ? Nandun ba ang milyones nyang kinita sa arbitration case ? Ayon sa news, ang kanyang lifestyle at pera masyadong malayo compared sa SALN nya (filed later) na inamend nya ng ilang beses. That means there may be unexplained wealth.”

Conclusively, Atty. Knack taking the side of the late Chief Justice, described how Corona is different from other corrupt officials.

“Corona was not hiding ill gotten wealth in the account. The family of the wife abroad who earned from the sale of prime property claimed the money IN THE ACCOUNT and all that was left was about P6,000. The funds constitute a trust fund…Corrupt officials on the other hand, hide money stolen from public funds or proceeds/kickbacks from govt. project fees, and income that is ILLEGAL (drugs, robbery, taxes not paid). The SALN does not macth the properties they own.” Atty. Knack ended her post.

Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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