Monday, December 11, 2017

Lawyer slams Leila De Lima: “Dengvaxia, ano comment mo? Leche. Wala ano?”

The detained senator, Leila De Lima, recently expressed unfavourable remarks against President Rodrigo Duterte and the Duterte administration in general especially regarding the President's heightened campaign against illegal drugs.

According to the Senator, President Duterte’s proclaimed war against drugs is a blatant manifestation of the President’s intention to harm and kill his people.

De Lima’s assertion comes after Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque remarks wary of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

De Lima’s controversial statement reads:

“It’s a no-brainer. How can the ICC expect the Duterte Administration to take jurisdiction over the prosecution of EJK crimes, when the President has already admitted that it is the very policy of his administration to kill Filipinos?... Mr. Roque cannot go around this using the Fentanyl excuse. The President looked sober when he purportedly rued his policy of killing Filipinos….”

The above-stated words of De Lima clearly show the senators grudges against the Duterte administration especially towards President Rodrigo Duterte himself who has caused the Senator’s misfortune and indiction to certain corruption-related crimes.

Criticizing the senator for her outspoken remarks wary of the Philippine President was Atty. Bruce V. Rivera, a prominent lawyer and a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

In the said post, Atty. Rivera warily slammed the Philippine senator over her illogical statement and assertion. 

Atty. Rivera’s open letter reads:


Let me count the ways. Policy to kill Filipinos? The logic escapes me. When you are fighting the drug war in the Philippines, the drug pushers and drug lord will more or less [be] Filipinos. Dun ka na magtaka kung mga Russians or Burmese ang namamatay, If that is the policy, bakit buhay ka pa eh ang ingay mo. You are the best evidence against your allegation.

And why use fentanyl? PRD will not use the defense of crazed addicts. At talagang alam mo na hindi sya bangag ha. You are the one under prosecution for drugs at hindi si PRD. Yan and i-advise mo sa mga adik na nakapatay, “I was so bangag, I killed ze baby!”

DengVaxia, ano comment mo? Leche. Wala ano?” Atty. Rivera ended.

Source: Atty. Bruce V. Rivera | Facebook

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