Monday, December 25, 2017

Kris Aquino nag-wala Online matapos laitin ng mga Bisaya ang Anak niyang si Bimby! Alamin dito!

Kris Aquino seemed like she went into a Super Saiyan level of anger recently because of social media. She was fuming and very mad when she saw a comment in one of her Instagram posts.

Apparently a netizen made a comment in Bisaya that went along like, “Omg Bimbyyyy! Hahahaha what do you think your father James’s reaction to this would be?”

The comment is allegedly made about Bimby’s sexuality and the commenter implies that James, Bimby’s father, would be disappointed with Bimby because of this. Kris was so mad she confronted the netizen for commenting in Bisaya, a language she says her helper Bincai is fluent in, because they thought she would not understand.

The Queen of all media also made passing comments against James Yap for allegedly prioritizing his new bar instead of his own son. 

She also warned the commenter and his friends that he would take legal actions against them because they want after his underage son which could be considered child abuse.She reminds netizens that they can criticize her, but they should never attack her children because she will spare no mercy.

No mercy, indeed. Go, Kris!

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