Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jim Paredes On Fire Again As He Tried To Shift The Dengvaxia Blame On President Duterte

Former APO Hiking Society member and a widely known supporter of the Liberal Party and the previous administration, Jim Paredes has been on a Twitter war.. again.

In a heated argument that was later migrated to Facebook, Paredes seemed to be shifting the blame of the vaccines gone rogue to the Duterte administration.

However, as with other detractors, he is met with the throngs of those who are willing to defend President Rodrigo Duterte.

One of them is Dr. Gary Sy, he clarified that the Dengvaxia drug was approved in 2016, and that the 2016 budget was still crafted by the previous administration, so there is no way that it should be pinned on Duterte.

Some people called Paredes for being desperate and that he was being paid by the Liberal Party to do what he is doing.

A lot of netizens agreed to Sy, and aired out their statements too, however, one netizen took it to Facebook to lash back at Paredes.

A netizen named Carlo de Leon addressed Paredes in his post and said that it is unbelievable how Paredes thinks that the previous administration was perfect.
Jim Paredes, are you saying that the Duterte admin should be held accountable? Wow naman! Parang the yellows can never make a mistake noh. Always perfect, claiming a monopoly on righteousness and good governance.
He then repeated the question that is repeated being asked by the people. Why did the Aquino administration purchase the drug in the first place?
Ang tanong ng bayan? Bakit binili at ginamit ng Aquino government ang Dengvaxia anti-Dengue vaccine knowing that Dengvaxia may be ineffective or may worsen Dengue symptoms for those who have not had dengue prior to vaccination. (Based on a report by WHO in April 2016, when Noynoy Aquino was still president).

Source: Twitter, Facebook


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