Saturday, December 2, 2017

Isang Pulubi na Nangisda at Nakakita ng Isang Bagay sa Dagat na Bumago ng Buong Buhay Niya

“Andoy” [not his real name] is a fisherman in Eastern Samar who claims to have found what he believes is a giant pearl during one of his deep-sea dives. Because of their hard life in the province, Andoy decided to travel from Samar to Manila and find out the truth about his possible “catch-of-a-lifetime”.

With no one and nowhere to go to in the big and busy city of Manila, Andoy decided to stay at Luneta Park.The homeless fisherman then had the idea that what he found was a pearl when he watched “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’s” (KMJS) episode about a verified gigantic pearl.

With that in mind, Andoy went from Luneta to the grounds of the Kapuso Network and to the help of the “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”’s team. Andoy entrusted his giant “pearl” to the people who introduced themselves as part of the said show’s team.

When the object was brought to the University of the Philippines- Diliman’s National Institute of Geological Sciences (UP Diliman NIGS), it was found out that the most important the pearl is indeed the most previous part of the object.However, further tests needed to be done in order to verify its actual worth.After the test in UP Diliman NIGS, it was then brought to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources where the legitimacy of the object can be properly proven.

Good news came to Andoy when the results of the tests proved that his pearl is really a pearl. However, pearls have no permanent value and was told that he can sell it with the price range of 500,000 to a million pesos.

In the end, Andoy was truly thankful for the blessing that the Lord poured on him.

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