Saturday, December 9, 2017

Isang Lalaki ang na Paralyzed dahil sa Kakalaro ng Mobile Games araw-araw! Alamin ang Detalye dito!

Most of us are habitually bowing our heads down to gaze at our cell phones or even PCs when we are working for extended periods of time and that isn't good for our bodies. We are always bowing our heads to take a gander at our screens! A man in Chengdu, China was as of late admitted to hospital as he was paralyzed because of some neck problems.

Based on the source, the 40-year-old man distinguished just by his surname, Wang was always playing with his phone while lying down on his bed, after a long day at work which is a very bad habit for our body. He's always doing this every day for about two to three hours, despite the fact that his always doing this kind of habit suddenly he discovered that he couldn't feel his body from the chest downwards and it was serious to the point that he couldn't control his bowels.  Fortunately, Wang was undergoing some few tests at the hospital around then and then the doctors could immediately be performed thorough treatment on him.

After the thorough assessment on him, the doctors found that he was experiencing cervical spondylosis, which is characterized as "wear and tear influencing the spinal desk in your neck". This can bring about "a narrowing of the space required by the spinal line and the nerve roots that go through the spine to the rest of your body". 

Although this condition is rather common in elderly people, for Wang, it was accelerated due to his job, which requires him to frequently bow his head and bend his neck.

Evidently, the specialists said that Wang had been encountering torment and inconvenience in his neck for some time, which made him encounter some trouble with walking and standing. 

A surgery was performed on Wang and he is right now recovering from his sudden paralysis but the doctors said that they were unsure whether his body will be able to fully recover from the traumatizing experience.

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Source: WOZ


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