Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ikakagulat Niyo Ang Dahilan Ng 10-Years-Old Na Batang Ito Na Nagtatrabaho sa Construction Site

When her father passed away, her mother decided to dump her and as a result, this 10-year-old girl worked at a construction site to help her grandparents. No child had ever dreamt of working at a construction site at a young age of ten.

Adolescence should be spent with making friends with other people and trying to make the best out of everything in your youthful years. However, not everyone’s being given the chance to have fun.While others are studying and having fun, there’s this 10-year-old girl who couldn’t spend time in school and making friends because she’s too busy with her work at a construction site.Yes, you’ve read that right. This innocent little girl is already doing manly jobs just so she could support her grandparents who are already too old to work.According to a report made by the Viral4Real, the little girl’s father died in a tragic incident while her mother dumped her and chose to ran away with another man.

Due to the tragic incidents in her life, she became the sole guardian of both of her grandparents. Even though the minimum age for work in other countries is 16, there are a lot of children who are getting involved in child labor due to poverty.Instead of resting and having fun, she chose to go out and do some manly job just so she could pay the hospital bills and medication of her grandparents. She said,

“Never mind. I need money to pay for my grandparents’ hospital bill and medicine.”Some people might think that it’s too dangerous for her to work at a construction site, but for her, it’s a huge blessing since it helps her and her grandparents a lot.

The little girl even said the most selfless words that you could ever hear from a 10-year-old. She claims that she’d rather work under the sun than see her grandparents sick. “It was better for me to work under the sun than letting my grandparents become sick.”

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