Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hashtag Jon Lucas, Kasabwat nga ba sa Pagkamatay ni Franco Hernandez ayon sa mga Bashers?

Earlier Hashtags member Jon Lucas posted on his Facebook account, where he's giving a support for his friend and also a fellow Hashtags member Tom Doromal. Tom Doromal was the first to air his side about Franco's drowning incident that was aired by Rated K last November.

Then just recently Franco's girlfriend Janica Nam shared her own version of story, where she claimed that Tom Doromal and the Boatmen crew were effortless to save Franco's life during the incident.

After knowing Janica's statement on PEP interview, Jon Lucas expressed his sentiments on Social Media. However, he received a lot of bashing from the Netizens, were they are saying that Lucas wasn't present on the incident so he has no right to assert.

Then Lucas qouted saying;"Sana andon nalang tayo lahat sa pinangyarihan, para lahat tayo may alam, para kahit mahusgahan niyo siya tatanggapin ko kasi alam natin yung nangyare eh.

Some Netizen's were confused of his statement because Tom Doromal already aired his side prior to Franco's Parents and Janica's interview.

According to KAMI, Lucas is now defending himself  and he is only replying to those people who bashed him on Instagram. On one case, One basher accused him of being involved in Franco's death. "Kasabwat ka sa pagkamatay ni Franco" In which Lucas replied with: "Talaga? Ang layo layo ko kasabwat ako? Ni di ko nga alam na nasa Davao sila, Talagang patagal ng patagal ang mga tao sa social media palala ng palala.."

Read below his complete explanation about what happened;

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