Friday, December 15, 2017

Grab Driver Earns Praise As He Defies Traffic Rules Just To Bring His Rider To The Emergency On Time

A story of a good samaritan Grab driver is making rounds in the internet now.

In a Facebook post of Andrea Venice Yuson, she accounted how the Grab driver that she and her mom rode on the way to the hospital was nice enough to speed up and defy traffic lights, just so he can bring his rider to the hospital on time.

She accounted how the driver did everything he could when he found out that it was an emergency.
"Pag akyat sa Market Market, talagang binubusinahan niya lahay ng nasa harap niya kahit naka stop traffic light."
The driver went on and just blew his horn so that other vehicles will know that he is on the way to the hospital because of an emergency.
"Bandang BGC na kami busina padin siya ng busina binuksan niya yung bintana niya sinesenyasan niya yung mga gusto pang mauna kesa sakanya tas nagagalit siya di kami makadaan kasi sabe niya 'emergency nga e'"
Aside from doing everything he could just so they can reach the hospital on time, the driver also frequently looks back at the mother and asks if she was still ok.

"Kita sa mukha niya nagagalit, nagaalala, sabay sabing, 'pinagpapawisan ako, kaya niyo pa ba ma'am?'

When they reached the traffic light the driver beat the red light and even told the other driver that this is an emergency and I will fight for my right to beat the stoplight.
"Binreak niya yung traffic light, e may dadaan kasi naka-go yung isa, sabi niya 'sige mahuli ka emergency nga to eh, wala akong pakielam sainyo kahit magaway pa tayo."
 The driver did everything and the other vehicles are giving way. When they reached the hospital, the driver told Yuson to not worry about it and just take care of her mom.
"Unahin mo muna mama mo, tulungan mo muna siya."
And then Yuson said that she will come back after she takes care of her mom, but then the driver drove to the exit, so her mom told her to run after the driver, but the driver won't accept the payment.

So Yuson just smiled. According to her, her mom asked her to post her status so that they can send their thanks because they can't find the Facebook profile of the driver.

She also gave an update that her mom will be brought to the ICU for her Dengue Hemorrhagic condition.

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Source: PhilStar


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