Wednesday, December 6, 2017

EXPOSED: Parojinog gave P26M to RORO campaign?

When people hear the name “Parojinog”, one of the first few things that comes to mind is illegal drugs. It has been of everyone’s knowledge that the death of Ozamiz City Mayor together with his wife and son months ago is a perilous result of their clan’s involvement to illegal drugs operation. So true that even up to now, the clan’s name is always affixed with notoriety and infamousness.

The Parojinogs, still moving on from the bloody carnage and whose notoriety subsided as time passed by, have been again involved into another significant scheme hereby putting them back to the stoplight. The issue, which Atty. Bruce V. Rivera disclosed in his Facebook post, revolves around the alleged P26 Million worth of money the Parojinogs intentionally gave out to RORO for some significantly “deceitful” and “malicious” reasons.

Also acknowledged in Atty. Rivera’s post was the ever-scrutinized “Yellows” used to refer to members and minions of the Liberal Party. According to the established law practitioner the LP harmoniously connived with the Parojinogs for the sake of power and politics.

Atty. Rivera’s FB post reads:


Everyday, the LP will always find ways outdo our contempt for them. The DengVaxia, the Leila rant on the 8888, everything Leni says, and now the ledger of dreams. The ledger that revealed how the Parojinogs assured perpuity by betting on the sure thing. Perhaps, it was not the first time they gave. They gave during PNoys run, hence, eyes were closed.

Just imagine the shabu peddled to our people to enable them to be that generous, PhP26 million generous. And imagine if the LP won the Presidency while Leni is VP and the Senate would all be LP because that is how they do it and the House is LP, what would have been the Parojinogs’ reward? Perhaps control over the whole island of Mindanao. 

We have a system that necessitates for a presidentiable to cohort with drug lords because an election of personality instead of party platform is more expensive. And if we do not change it, the next election in the old system will be as expensive where politicians are saving up their cash just to have a piece of the social media pie. As early as now, many are advertising their goods. And rest assured, in a scenario where there is no PRD in power, a drug lord is just lurking to finance an up and coming or even the next President. And his reward, the blood of our people. 

Yes, there is a chance it will repeat itself. A version of the Parojinogs. Why? It is the system that allows it and encourages it. But even with a flawed system, many of you who voted for PRD and thought we had the best of times chose to be complacent and decided the present system is doing just fine. 

And I will be in some country outside the Philippines, embarassed that even when we had the chance at Duterte, we chose to be lazy and convinced ourselves that the status quo was just fine.” Atty. Rivera ended.

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