Friday, December 1, 2017

Duterte Supporters Who Pushes For Revolutionary Government Should Be Punished - Drilon

A few days ago, several pro-Duterte groups launched organized rallies all over the country with the aim to push a revolutionary government.

While a lot of people agrees with it, there are some who don't. One of these is opposition senator Franklin Drilon. According to Drilon, revolutionary government is illegal and against the law that is why those who are pushing for it it should be punished.
“They know that it is against the Constitution but they are allowing it knowing that their allies are behind such calls,”
He also added that not because the groups that pushed it are pro-Duterte then the government can let this pass.

Drilon also reiterated that if the Duterte administration is really serious in changing the country for the better then it should do the necessary actions to these groups.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre do not seem to be in the same boat with Drilon, according to Aguirre he sees nothing wrong in the rallies and the aim of the groups to push a revolutionary government.

Aguirre also added that the event that happened is still included in the "freedom of expression" right of these people.
“There are those who believe that a revolutionary government would hasten the implementation of change. All of us have the right to express our own opinion,”
Aguirre also added that there was nothing forbidden in what they did.
“There is nothing in there that is forbidden. In other words, we are free to express our own opinion,”
Furthermore, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque emphasized that the president himself said in a speech that he does not want a revolutionary government.
“The President has earlier said that he does not want a revolutionary government. This, however, does not mean he would prevent citizens from expressing their support for a revolutionary government,”
Roque also added that we won't get anything from making an issue out of this.
“We won’t get anything out of it. Let us just build a country,”

Source: Tribune, Abante 


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