Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DOH Nurse Reveals How They Were Uninformed About The Details About Dengvaxia

Just a few days ago, in a shocking revelation, it was found out that a trial vaccine that was approved by the previous Aquino administration has put the lives of 700k Filipino children at risk.

This is due to Dengvaxia, which was a dengue vaccine that was supposed to help children be "safe" from dengue. But more than a year later, it was found out that instead of keeping children safe, it put them in more risks.

Those who are accountable are being probed in the matter. As expected, everyone turns into their defense mode saying that "they don't know, they were endorsed by WHO, by DOH and everyone else"

Some people wanted to put the blame on somebody else. But the thing is, if it really has nothing to do with "wanting to earn money from the overpricing of the drug" then all details should have been released.

The drug was released on April 2016, a month before the end of Aquino's term. Were they just in a hurry to get done with it before a new president takes his place?

Meanwhile, as the carousel of blames are going around, one nurse from the DOH who was among those who administered the vaccine came to light with a revelation.

The nurse didn't want to reveal her identity, but what she said is alarming. She said, they didn't even have atleast one seminar about the vaccine that they were about to administer.
Ang JBL Or jose b.lingad hospital ang regional medical hospital ng buong region 3. Lahat ng mga diseases na pinag aaralan ay dito dinadala.
I am a DOH nurse under nurse deployment program. Kasama ako sa mga nagturok sa mga bata ng dengue vaccine last year, walang seminar or training samin regarding sa vaccine. Basta nagbaba lang ng target ang doh na kailangan 100% namin na mabakunahan ang mga bata sa public school.
Kapag absent sa school, pinupuntahan pa nmin sa bahay para masiguro na makumpleto namin ang demand sa amin. Please hide
My identity at ayoko po madamay or mabunton samin mga nurses ang sisi, kasi we need to follow po ung utos ng DOH samin."

 She also said that the teachers and schools shouldn't be held accountable too, because they were only given instructions which they followed. Like the thousands of nurses who also did their jobs.
"Kami po ang first hand na nagvaccine sa mga bata, and hindi din po kasalanan ng schools and teachers kc kung ano lang po ang informaion na binigay namin sknila, un lang din po ang alam nila.
Same as kung ano binabang info samin regarding dengvaxia, un lang din ang masasabi namin sa tao.
But we are not briefed regarding this possible effects of dengvaxia. I just cant help not to speak out knowing how many children are now at risk"


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