Friday, December 1, 2017

DLSU Professor slams Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro’s critics: “It is Sereno who is destroying the Supreme Court”

The Philippines has three basic branches. The executive headed by the President, the legislative comprised of the Senate and the Congress, and the judiciary led by the Supreme Court. These are three distinct autonomous government bodies and the effective and productive functioning of each branch relies on how their respective leaders supervise their respective branches in unison to their distinctively unique mandate.

Integrity is of great importance in public service. Trust, as an outcome of an untarnished integrity, is very essential to people. Breaking people’s trust is the worst thing any leader would expect especially for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. It is of everyone’s knowledge that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno of the Supreme Court recently tangled herself into controversy induced by various impeachment complaints filed against her.

Also recently, one of the Supreme Court Justices in the person of Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro surprisingly appeared in one of the impeachment proceedings against Sereno hosted by the House of Representatives. This particular involvement of an SC Justice against the impeachment trial of the SC Chief Justice, according to some, caused “institutional damage” to the Supreme Court.

Nullifying this accusation was a prominent historian and critic, Van Ybiernas, who claimed that Leonardo de Castro’s participation does not, in any sense, tarnish or taint the reputation of the Supreme Court as a whole. 

“What nonsense!...Some idiot is calling Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro's appearance in the impeachment proceedings against Sereno as "causing institutional damage" to the Supreme Court.” Ybiernas started in his Facebook post.

Pointing out the autonomy of each Supreme Court Justices, Ybiernas affirmed that every Supreme Court justice is “collegial” which means that each have equal authority and are autonomous.

More importantly, the justices of the Supreme Court are not mandated to cover each other’s back especially in the midst of verifiable issues and controversies.

“The justices of the Supreme Court, including the chief, ARE collegial. They are INDEPENDENT of each other. …They are NOT supposed to cover up for each other!” Ybiernas claimed.

“Kaya nga may mga dissenting opinions kasi EVERY SINGLE MAGISTRATE is of their own mind. They are NOT supposed to have a herd mentality.” Ybiernas added reasonably.

Filling his post with expletives signifying his utmost frustration over the illogical accusation, Ybiernas claimed:

“Gago!...Leonardo de Castro is not undercutting the credibility of the court. She is simply exposing Sereno ---not her office--- for disregarding the collegiality of the Supreme Court.”

“Moron!...It is Sereno who is destroying the Supreme Court with her dictatorial tendencies exposed in her penchant to set aside the wishes of the en banc. That is the issue which Leonardo de Castro addressed in her appearance in the House of Representatives. Tanga!” he added conclusively.

Source: Van Ybiernas | Facebook

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