Friday, December 1, 2017

CPP/NPA/NDF: Pests in the Philippine society

Jun Avelino, a distinguished critic and supporter of the Duterte administration, recently published a Facebook post wary of the so-called "Reds" otherwise known to be the CPP/NPA/NDF Movement.

It can be recalled that recently President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his intent to declare this extend leftist coalition as "terrorists" for their so called unrestrained and precarious illegal and violent undertakings.

Supporting and justifying the President's declaration, Avelino consequently elaborated in his post certain premises and arguments supportive of Duterte's assertion.

"The legal fronts of the CPP/NPA/NDF are those organizations operating legally but are engaged into legal and extra-legal means (violent rallies and pickets) pushing for their agenda in support of the over-all cause of the communist movement. Most of these organizations have participated in the party list elections and we have about a dozen of them in the House of Representatives and currently, one in the Senate." Avelino started.

Further exposing the shrewdness and deceitfulness of the members of the Red coalition-be it those in the congress or those armed, Avelino wrote elaborately:

"For nearly 2 decades while serving in Congress, these Party List lawmakers belonging to extreme left have been using the Philippine government as a milking cow, sucking every ounce of resources they can get from the people's coffers to fund the communist movement and its activities while on the other hand, its underground armed group, the NPAs, are engaged in extortion activities in the rural areas, victimizing the rural folks and businessmen, thereby enriching themselves in the guise of their communist cause and at the expense of their poor countrymen. It's a double whammy kind of exploitation from the left."

"They are the opportunistic pests in our society, no less!" he affirmed.

Encouraging his fellow Filipinos to support the President's decision and response to this worsening and unrestrained "extremists", Avelino asserted that the time had finally arrived for this country to put an end to the debacle the CPP/NPA/NDF movement had caused the Philippines.

"The Filipino people should rally behind the President in this long overdue decision. It is about time that we cut the head of this demonic monster which has contributed significantly to our country’s peace debacle for about 50 years owing to its misplaced ideological communist dogmatism which its minions have continued to blindly embrace in the wilderness of isolationism. The world rejects communism and it is already considered as a dead ideology,” he claimed.

Explaining the rightful consequences of this undertaking should Duterte officially declare the Reds as a terror group, Avelino established that such will pave a way for an investigation conducted against the known members of the scrutinized coalition who, instead of upholding their mandate, code to politicize and irrationally criticize the government.

"Once the government declares CPP/NPA/NDF as terrorist group, the following organizations and their leaders sympathetic to the Reds should be investigated to unmask their connections and determine their culpability under our laws: BAYAN, Akbayan of Risa Hontiveros, Anakabayan, Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis, Alliance of Concerned Teachers, Kabataan, Katribu, Karapatan, Kadamay, etc. 

Party list Legislators belonging to the Makabayan block are supposed to promote and advance the interest of the sectors they represent in congress. Instead of doing their job, they are preoccupied in fighting the government on national issues, like Mindanao Martial law, Human Rights issues, South China Sea, Extra Judicial Killings, US Imperialism, etc. and accused the government of being fascist to justify the rallies and pickets organized by their idiotic allies on the streets whose main livelihood has been the donation and financial support from those sectors who want to destabilize the present dispensation,” Avelino expounded.

As for the argument on suppression of dissent, Avelino pointed out that while the Duterte administration encourage dissent and criticism, what the CPP/NPA/NDF have been doing is not dissent but government sabotaging and destabilization thereby making them no less than real terrorists.

"Then, they will cry suppression of dissent? No folks. We encourage dissent under the Duterte administration for better governance. We embolden people to speak out, criticize and constantly put this government in check as we all journey together towards a common direction as one country. That is dissent. But sabotaging and destabilizing this government are not acts of dissent. Perpetually blocking this government from moving forward, killing civilians who are not supportive of your cause, ambuscades of helpless soldiers and law enforcers who are only doing their job for the country, extortion, burning properties kidnapping and more importantly, tearing down the Philippine flag and replace it with the communist emblem to fly on our soil are not acts of dissent. These are clearly acts of terrorism and by our own book, everyone involved in these activities should be made to answer and suffer the full force of the law. So if you are one of them, you have to start running for your ugly ass because the wrath of the Filipino people is about to fall on your lap," Avelino ended.

Source: Jun Avelino | Facebook

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