Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Aquino is guilty over the Dengvaxia vaccine blunder says DLSU professor

A huge health issue recently sprang up that consequently caused anxiety and worry to a considerable portion of Filipinos. The issue revolves around the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine project spearheaded by the Department of Health with its lead implementor, former DOH Secretary Janet Garin. The said project, according to the World Health Organization, carries certain risks to vaccinated children.

Shortly after, the exciting blame game commenced. Among those who immediately responded to the blunderous stimulus was former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III who, according to trusted sources, sought the audience of Sanofi, the Italian manufacturer of the said vaccine.

Such undertaking, garner scrutiny from the public, and one of those who expressed his thoughts and sentiments was De La Salle University history professor, Van Ybiernas. 

"Noynoy's culpability is clear." Ybiernas started in his Facebook post. 

"Nakipag-meeting pa siya mismo with the Sanofi people,” he added shortly. 

Ybiernas then took reference of the issue to exemplify President Rodrigo Duterte as a leader who does not barge into every spec of governance. As how the historian puts it:

"Duterte doesn't seem to me a micro-manager who needs to be involved in ALL government transactions...Yan ang difference between GMA's accountability in the Pagcor brouhaha before, and Pnoy's and PRRD's accountability here in the Dengvaxia catastrophe."

Affirming that accountabilities undeniably await the former DOH Secretary Janet Garin, Ybiernas stated that the Dengvaxia project implementor will be left alone facing the impending probes against her.

"Garin really has no excuse...Ubial claims to have tried to stop the use of Dengvaxia. Let her defend herself in due course." Ybiernas claimed.

In the latter part of Ybiernas' post, he nitpicked on the digressive nature of the "yellows". Telling his fellow Duterte supporters not to be worried by this blame disposition interplayed by the opposition, Ybiernas wrote:

"Ultimately, we should not be blackmailed by the Yellows who seek to prevent the exaction of accountability by trying to spread accountability around, by including PRRD himself."

"These Yellows are truly yellow. Be accountable for what you did! Kunsabagay, accountability is not part of the Yellow dictionary....File the cases! Now!" Ybiernas ended inciting action fervently.

Source: Van Ybiernas | Facebook

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