Monday, December 11, 2017

An open letter to PH politicians with paid PRs

In one of his recent Facebook posts, Atty. Bruce V. Rivera a distinguished law practitioner and a well-versed political commentator, published an open letter addressed to all politicians with writers, journalists, and PR personnels hired to write and work for their advantage and good-public impression. 

That post follows disturbing allegations and accusations against Atty. Rivera
claiming that the lawyer willfully received payouts, perhaps bribes, from certain prominent personalities basically government officials in exchange of Rivera's signification of support and allegiance to them. An accusation that Atty. Rivera firmly refute in his post. 

Atty. Rivera's open letter reads:


I understand that it is part of your existence to hire people to write for you, attack for your, support you and lobby for your agenda. We get it. We understand the dynamics though we abhor it. And we are very sorry not want to be part of it. 

However, the recent turn of events made me realize one thing. And I am now ready to make my advise. 

When you engage a PR, a blogger, a publicist or anyone for public information, make sure that person only has you as his or her client and if there are others, require full disclosure.

And I think it is about time that all people doing public information like blogging, writing in newspapers and the likes should disclose if they are getting paid by any politician or public servant so we will really know the motive behind everything. 

The reason for all the bullshit issue against me is that some people have assumed that some politician is paying me. But many are forgetting that before I got attention as a political blogger, I am a LAWYER and LAW PROFESSOR. I am part of a noble profession where ethics plays a big role. I messaged Jesus Falcis to clarify something and he bluntly asked me about my role in the Sereno impeachment and if I was coaching Atty. Gadon because I was there in the hearing. And I answered bluntly as well, I was there to support Justice Midas who became a friend because he was part of the London trip and saw the adversity I had to face there and still is facing now. I have nothing to do with the Sereno impeachment. And a famewhore like me would not allow to be sidelined if that is the case. 

And Jess (yes, we have become civil after the Versus stint) told me something disturbing. He told me that a Dilawan blogger has a picture of a DDS blogger having a medical procedure done just recently and he has a copy of it. I asked him why he is not publishing it. And he told me about the person’s privacy. Of course, I forgot he is a lawyer and I am as well. And yes, we are bound by ethics and laws. And how I wish all the bloggers will have that moral compass as well. 

But some bloggers do not have that compass. They will post anything either to gain a following or perhaps earn a quick buck. And though it is condoned in social media, I have to say this with all good intention, do not mislead the public and claim honor and patriotism when you are in fact a paid mercenary. 

Do not attack me, make stories of me and question my lifestyle because even before there was a social media, this is my life just amplified a little bit. The real question is, how can you afford your lifestyle now when before there was the notoriety, you hardly make ends meet. In short, do not make other people doubt my integrity so they will forget to doubt your integrity. 

Let me make this clear. I am not perfect. There are perhaps skeletons in my closet. But I know as a blogger, I am not paid by any politician or public servant."

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