Sunday, November 5, 2017

WATCH: Tatay Digong and his message to the children of the Philippines

“Tatay Digong”, It has a nice ring to it, does it not? A nickname that perfectly suits President Rodrigo Duterte. A leader that chooses what’s best for his family even if it sullies his own name. 

In his speech during the Center for Brighter Beginnings’ 25th Anniversary Celebration, Duterte addressed the children in the crowd like a father to his children, by showing his most genuine care for them and by extension his people. He stated that the reason  why he gets angry so much is because he hates bad people.

Alam mo, anak, alam mo bakit minsan nakikita ninyo ako nagagalit? Sa TV? Kasi yung mga bad people, ayaw ko sila dito sa mundong ito.

Duterte wants these bad people to go away, to leave the children’s lives and futures in peace.

Kaya gusto ko silang mawala. Pra walang gugulo sa buhay ninyo. At pag lumaki na kayo kagaya ng mama ninyo at papa ninyo, ang buhay ninyo ay di masyadong problema. Walang gulo, walang mag-snatch, walang mag-kidnap, walang lahat. Gusto ko yung mundo na para sa matino lang.

And if you aren’t well-behaved, he’ll get mad at you. 

Yung hindi matino, magkakaron tayo ng problema dyan, magagalit talaga ako.

Duterte  was accused of being bad for he sought revenge against those evil doers, and sometimes he brings them to heaven.

Sabe ng iba bad boy daw ako, kasi sinaktan ko daw yung mga taong masama. Minsan sabe nila pinapadala ko sila sa heaven, mauna na sa atin.”

But he wants to tell us something from his heart.

Kaya ako nandito, Nandito ako para sa inyo. The reason why I’m here is because I want to see you and just tell you something from my heart.

That he is a government worker, and that his vowed job is to protect the people.

Trabahante ako ng gobyerno, at ang aking sinumpaan, ang aking pang trabaho is to protect the people. At yung ating bayan, to preserve it.”

Watch the video below:


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