Friday, November 24, 2017

WATCH: Mocha Uson Gets Emotional As She Shares How She Survives Social Media Trolls And Bashers

PCOO's Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson was appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte himself to her current position in the government now.

It's not unknown to everyone that she had a dark past. She used to pose naked and do sexy films and shoots. This is what her detractors are using against her now.

Because they can't find fault in what she is doing now, they attack her and her past. Thinking that they can bring her down because of that.

In an exclusive interview on Get It Straight With Daniel Razon, Uson sat down and talked about her detractors.

She mentioned that she knows she did something wrong and that she already regretted all that and has submitted herself to the Lord.
"Pinagsisihan ko na po yun e, dahil may mga nagagawa po tayo na hindi natin pinag-isipan masyado."
She pointed out it is difficult for people who want to change for the better when the troll bashers are stopping them.
"Nakakalungkot po dahil kahit tayo gusto natin magbago, itong mga troll, bashers, kalaban ng pagbabago, pinipigilan ka."
While telling her story, she also recalled a patient whom she met in Philippine General Hospital when she interviewed the director there. 

She recalled how the patient attempted suicide and she told her not to give up. She likened it to what she is feeling when she is being attacked because of her past.

She told the patient not to give as she has not given up. She knows the Lord won't give up on her and that what she is holding on to.

A lot of people applauded Uson for her determination and faith in the Lord.

Watch the video below:

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