Sunday, November 26, 2017

WATCH: Mayor Inday Sara Open Up About Her Resignation, Sends Out A Message For The Filipinos As Well

In a video on PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson's page, she shared an interview she did with presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte. She asked the Mayor about the time that she wanted to resign from her post because her father is always mentioning it in his speeches.

To this, Mayor Inday told Uson that during that time, she and her husband wanted to have a baby. But due to her delicate way of pregnancy when she did get pregnant, she thought of choosing to let go of the mayorship to focus on herself and her babies.

But, the point also came where she thought about the people who voted for her and put their trust on her.
"But, dumating din yung point na naisip ko na tumakbo ako, yung mga tao bumoto sakin, binigay nila yung trust nila sakin, so ang ginawa ko I tried to make it work."
She lessened her workload a bit while she was pregnant, and then went back to fulltime work right after giving birth, she did not avail her maternity leave.

Uson then asked if the Mayor intends to take back the paper so the president won't have proof to show.

This is when the mayor retold the story that when she gave the papers, she did not hear anything from the president, no reply or no messages, which put her in a dilemma because she needed her father's signature for her resignation to be valid.
"Feeling ko din kasi na parang inantay niya rin na ako na rin makaisip na mali iyong decision."
When asked about the kind of parenting that PRRD has, Inday Sara said that he never tells them what do. Except of course when they were young. But when they grew up, he let them decide on their own.
"Hindi siya diktador."
Uson then asked her for her message to the Filipinos. She first bid the Filipinos a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and then gave out her gratitude for the continuous support.
"I'd like to thank you for your continuous support to our president and the administration of PRD. I hope that we push him to deliver the reforms that we want and take advantage of his being a wrangler, he has a warrior spirit. Hindi siya takot makulong, hindi siya takot mamatay para sa ating bayan. And gawin kung ano ang nararapat."
"Let's take advantage of that to see change in the country."
Lastly, when asked for her message to her father, she said her father needs time management. Do not work too much or it will be more difficult.

Watch the video below:

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