Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WATCH: Duterte in tears after visiting Tacloban

When the super typhoon Yolanda (international codename Haiyan) devastated Tacloban City and other provinces in the central Philippines, former Davao City Mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte was the first one to visit and provide emergency help to the victims.

I do not mean to be… God must have been somewhere else or he forgot that there is a planet called Earth,” Duterte told the reporters while his voice was cracking and almost in tears.

Duterte said that their are dead bodies remain unattended on the streets, 4 days after Yolanda ravaged the entire city.

There has to be a state of national emergency because there is no local government functioning,” he said.

Duterte sent a convoy of medical teams that included 20 doctors, 20 nurses, and 40 relief workers to help in the massive search and rescue operations. He also brought P7 million in cash donation for Tacloban and Leyte.

Di ko malaman kung iiyak ako (I do not know if I have to cry)…I cannot shout in anger because you cannot be mad at anybody there,” Duterte said while holding back his tears.


Source: Rappler
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