Saturday, November 25, 2017

WATCH: Businesswoman Falls Victim To Laglag Barya Gang, Ends Up Losing P1.7 Million Cash In A Minute

Laglag Barya Gang Strikes Again! And this time it was caught live on camera. Thanks to a dash cam video in the vicinity, authorities have better chances of apprehending the 6 suspects; three males and three females.

In the video, the suspects distracted the victim, a female so that they can reach the insides of her SUV and get her belongings which included wristwatch, a signature bag, jewelries and cash amounting to 1.7 million pesos.

The modus works by telling the victim she dropped her keys or coins while one of the suspects grabs her belongings when her attention turns to the other suspect who told her she dropped something.

These suspects choose victims who get easily sidetracked by their surroundings and they target mostly female victims. These suspects are fearless that even if their target isn’t one to be fooled so easily, they open the passenger side and just get the belonging right there and then and they can do it in a minute or less.

These suspects are sleek. The authorities stated that three of the suspects who are female are the ones who target the victims, act as the lookouts and the ones who try to cover the incident as it happens while the males are the ones who carry out the crime.

If a target falls for their tricks, they could be gone as fast as they knocked on the victim’s car/SUV window. The CCTV also shows that these suspects carry out their plans smoothly and they’re very organized.

The authorities said that they are now studying the CCTV to identify the suspects as efficiently as possible and to find out if there are any more suspects that are included in the crime.

They also strongly suggest to the public to be careful in talking to strangers especially ones who appeared out of nowhere this during this Christmas season since this is very common during these times.

This is also a friendly reminder to the female population to be extra careful when you’re alone in public.

Be alert and don’t talk to just anyone especially when you notice that these people are trying to divert your attention and to all the public that sometimes it’s not being disrespectful if you choose to ignore someone talking to you especially if your gut feeling is tell you to.

Be smart and call the authorities immediately if you feel you and your belongings are in danger or just drive away as fast as you can.

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