Friday, November 3, 2017

Roque laughs off Trillanes tirade

A columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer stated that incoming Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque “did not throw hollow blocks but instead laughed off Thursday the tirade of Sen. Antonio Trillanes against him” for it was a mere seasonal joke. Nestor Corrales  then wrote about how Roque reangled his threat to those who would engage in slander against the him and the President Rodrigo Duterte.

Itong si Cong. Roque, nasama lang kay Duterte, bigla na lang parang nasapian ng masamang espirito,” Senator Antonio Trillanes lowly commented.

I think that’s in line with Halloween. So let’s leave it at that,” Roque replied in his first Malacañang briefing.

Roque who’s about to replace Undersecretary Ernesto Abella by November 6, did not bother to counter Trillanes despite promising to defend both himself and President Rodrigo Duterte from criticisms.

Roque said in an interview with Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson that, 

Binibigyan ko na po ng notice ‘yung mga walang hiya diyan na naninira lamang. Kung dati-rati hindi kayo nababato bagamat kayo’y nambabato, ngayon po maghanda na kayo dahil kung kayo’y nambato, hindi lang po bato itatapon ko sa inyo, hollow blocks.” 
But then clarified that this threat, in an ABS-CBN News Channel interview, as a message specifically for the “Die-hard Duterte Supporters”, or DDS in short.

I was addressing Mocha Uson. I was addressing the 5.5 million followers of the Mocha Uson blog, these are the DDS. It was not really intended for anyone else other than the DDS. (It was for the) Mocha Uson blog, not the general public,” Roque said.

Roque also said that he would shield Duterte from unjust criticisms , reassuring the DDS, despite his apathy on the presidential bid in the 2016 elections.

Source: Inquirer
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