Thursday, November 30, 2017

Revolutionary Government Is Being Pushed By Thousands Of Duterte Supporters During The RevGov Rally

Last November 30, thousands of people went out of the streets on different parts of the Philippines. All in the hopes of joining the November 30 nationwide rallies that are meant to push the declaration of Revolutionary Government under the present President Rodrigo Duterte.

A Facebook Group Network Revolution was initiated by the former Scout Ranger Sir Abe Purungganan along with the actress Vivian Velez. Together with other government officials the groups is urging the patriotic Filipinos to send a message to the president as well as give him powers to declare a Revolutionary Government. This is to push for a new Federal Philippines.

The main venue of the event was in Mendiola, but various pro-Duterte groups from different parts of the country also participated in joining hand in hand with the whole country to Push a Revolutionary Government.

Here are some of the photos of the said event:

In response to the rallies in different parts of the country, some people said that in order to have a Revolutionary Government, then first, there should be a revolution.

If there is no revolution, the only way is for the president himself to launch a coup de tat against his very own government and lead the revolution. Which will in turn make the president a dictator.

Regarding this, the organizers of the RevGov event said that they are not pushing Duterte to be a dictator, their concept is for the people to declare a revolutionary government and they will give power to the president to rule it.

"It is not President Rody Duterte who will declare, it is the people who will declare and we are giving the power to the President to lead the revolutionary government to attain the true change that people want."

Source: Facebook


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